About Me

I’m Ben Williams, a Product and Growth executive and strategic advisor to startups with 20+ years of experience as an operator building, nurturing and scaling high performing product and cross functional growth teams to deliver strategic impact through sustainable, defensible growth.

My expertise and experience over the years implementing PLG across acquisition, retention and monetisation levers allows me to help you with

  • Layering on PLG motions to existing sales-led business
  • Establishing and scaling Product-led sales
  • Starting and scaling growth teams
  • Developing growth strategy
  • Building qualitative and quantitative growth models
  • Identifying, documenting, standing up and quantifying growth loops
  • Defining and improving activation and engagement
  • Creating effective user onboarding
  • Implementing appropriate data and analytics infrastructure
  • Establishing experimentation (A/B, multivariate) programs
  • Selecting and implementing effective product & growth platforms & tools
  • Implementing Product management process and best practice
  • Developing improved product leadership muscles
  • Creating effective product strategy
  • Cultivating and coaching high performing teams

My most recent operator roles were at:

Snyk, the cybersecurity unicorn where I led the product teams for all groups owning growth, education, and end to end developer experience through a multi-year period of > 160% YoY ARR growth, launching a fast growing multi-million dollar self-serve revenue channel, building out growth as a function from scratch, defining and quantifying a loop based growth strategy, implementing behavioural analytics and experimentation platforms, along with growth processes, and defining and operationalising activation and engagement state metrics. As I left Snyk, they were valued at $8.6 billion.

CloudBees, the DevOps unicorn where, as a member of the executive team, I owned Product and Growth, building and leading a team 40+ Product Managers and Product Designers across all product lines (CI, CD, Dev Analytics, Feature Flags, Build Acceleration) through a 3 year period of > 50% YoY ARR growth.

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