Discovery Call

  • Discuss challenges
  • Uncover opportunities
  • Explore working together
  • 30 minute video call
  • Always free


  • Close engagement
  • 4-12+ months
  • Weekly 1hr video call
  • Async access
  • Accelerated learning


  • Fractional leadership
  • Fixed period
  • Head of Product
  • Head of Growth
  • PLG motions

I’m able to work with you in different ways to help you create sustainable, defensible growth for your business.

My primary engagement model is advising around all things PLG, product and growth, but I am also occasionally available for fractional roles as Head of Product and/or Head of Growth.

I focus on working with B2B companies that have achieved product-market fit (PMF) and are looking to scale via product-led growth (PLG) and product-led sales (PLS) motions.

Here are some of the ways I can help you:

  • Defining and improving activation and engagement as inputs to better retention
  • Layering on a PLG motion to bring GTM efficiency to existing sales-led business
  • Establishing and scaling Product-Led Sales (PLS) to increase close rates and ACVs
  • Creating effective user onboarding to minimise time-to-value
  • Developing growth and/or product strategy
  • Identifying, documenting, standing up and quantifying growth loops
  • Building qualitative and quantitative growth models
  • Developing improved product and growth leadership muscle
  • Starting and scaling growth teams
  • Designing and implementing growth process
  • Implementing appropriate data and analytics infrastructure
  • Establishing experimentation (A/B, multivariate) programs
  • Selecting and implementing effective product & growth platforms & tools
  • Implementing product management process and best practice
  • Cultivating and coaching high-performing teams

If you’d like to explore working with me, please get in touch!